Тhe Headache

Product description: A pillow that cools the head when sleeping.​

Goal: To present the pillow in a way that people understand the importance of sleep and start recognizing the brand and its products.

Communication approach: We linked the quality of sleep with the possibility of getting a headache and invited a medical professional from Sofia’s Headache Center. The expert presented the topic together with the products.​

Outcome: More than 20 print and online articles communicating the right messages to the intended audience. Exclusive TV broadcast appearance of the product on national TV with an endorsement from the host.​.​

The Solar Energy

Case description: More people are investing in solar installations for both residential and business purposes. We needed to present our client’s products as the best solutions on the market.

Communication approach: We used media presence and advertorials to communicate key messages to our audience. We focused on attractive titles to engage the audience with our content and receive wide media coverage.

Outcome: Hundreds of thousands of reads on each piece of content in the first 24 hours. A significant number of end client registrations and leads generated after the campaign. Continued media interest in the company’s products and solutions. 


Logitech Pro Superlight

Product description: The famous Logitech PRO gaming mouse is now available in a new special colour: magenta.

Goal: To present the new mouse colour among the target audience – pro and hardcore gamers.

Communication approach: We know gamers like new colours. They also like to try and experience new products. We needed to make a big splash about the new colour for a well-known product. We decided to approach the top hardcore gamers and streamers and encourage them to post in their Instagram accounts on the day and the hour of the new colour launch a photo of them dressed in a magenta T-shirt with a simple tag: Superlight. Nowadays, most gamers don’t follow just one of the famous gamers/ streamers – they follow most of them on Instagram. So when they scroll through their feed on the day of the new colour launch, they would start seeing one after the other of the gaming influencers in magenta T-shirts. In addition, we specifically chose mostly male gamers because it is more unusual to see your fave male gamer in such a bright colour.

Outcome: It was so unusual for the audience to see those hardcore gamers in such bright colour T-shirts, so they started asking questions and following who was in this campaign – the word-of-mouth approach really worked. We reached thousands of people generating wide engagement from the audience.

Product Video Reviews

Service description: Product reviews are essential part of the B2C communication approach.

Goal: To position our clients among the most reviewed brands. 

Communication approach: We seed products, use PR deliveries, give access to exclusive products to influencers, media, streamers and KOLs. We let people experience and try the products and brands. We are very proactive and are the first to approach when there is an opportunity to review. We work closely with reviewers to educate them on the product, portfolio, brand messages, and values.

Outcome: The brands we work with are the most reviewed in Bulgaria. Logitech is the most reviewed brand from both media and journalists. MSI is the brand with the most reviews. Based on our strategy we receive only positive reviews and feedback from KOLs. We have more than 200 reviews/year. This simply means that every second day there is a review of ​a product we seeded.


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