Na Inat

Craft beer

Specialty craft beer “На Инат“ was a very special project for us. The business started as an expression of the client’s love and appreciation of the beer taste and passion for home brewing. We fondly remember the client’s brief which included half a page of elements and requirements for the label!


The brainstorming and the creative process were long and intense until we were finally ready to unveil our ideas to the client.


We presented the product by emphasizing the strong “red” taste of the beer, playing on words – “male ale” instead of “pale ale,” and showcasing the absolute Guns & Roses vibe of the product. What’s left to say? CHEERS for a job Well Done!


creative: Mihaela Petrova
UX & UI design: Mihaela Petrova
client service & project management: Slavi Slavchev & Sonya Slavcheva
copywriting: Slavi Slavchev & Sonya Slavcheva

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