G502 Lightspeed premiere

Being responsible for the product communications in Bulgaria for the best-selling gaming mouse in the world is an honor. To create an event for the unveiling of its long-awaited successor is a responsibility. Expectations for this event were understandably high and our concept involved bringing together the country's top gaming vloggers for the first time. 


We challenged them to shoot a real weapon at a professional shooting range to measure their speed, accurate aim, and reactions - everything they needed to perform even better in the next game. And, of course, to meet and experience the new G502 Lightspeed.

The event resulted in millions of views, shares and comments, great video content created by the top gaming vloggers, and record sales. The G502 Lightspeed is the best-selling wireless gaming mouse in the world.


client: Logitech G
client service & project management: Slavi Slavchev & Sonya Slavcheva
event concept: Sonya Slavcheva

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