Happy Dreams

Our client and mattress manufacturer Happy Dreams  was invited to present their mattresses at a special entertainment area organized in the capital Sofia for Father's Day in June. Our task was to be creative and make the Happy Dreams brand stand out among the many other diverse attractions at the event.


We accepted the challenge and asked ourselves:

What is the most common thing that children are not allowed to do at home? Well yes - there it is: "Don't jump on the bed!" So Happy Dreams lifted the ban on this Father's Day by creating a special big mattress for children to jump on to their heart’s content.

The result? Happy Dreams got the prize for the most creative idea as well as thousands of happy, energetic, and jumping children, and even more parents who simply repeated the mantra:

"This must be the strongest mattress in the world,                                        after so many children jumped on it, and it is still intact."


client: Happy Dreams
client service & project management: Sonya Slavcheva
event concept & creative: Sonya Slavcheva

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