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Beyond Gravity is a new cosmetic brand inspired by the magic of the cinema and the harsh conditions on the filming set. Actors and staff are continuously exposed to long hours of direct sunlight, rain, wind, or cold.


All this combined with stress ages and leaves marks on the skin. Enter the Beyond Gravity face & neck serum for her & for him, which works to resist the challenges of the time and weather conditions.

Our main task was to create a logo & brand identity as well as to create a website & an online shop for the products.


We combined colors and motion elements to showcase the unique power of the serum not only as highly effective against the challenges of time, weather, and aging, but as an inspiration to women to allow them to believe in their own strength and power to face all challenges. Today. Tomorrow. Always.

creative: Kristina Petkova
UX & UI design: Kristina Petkova
client service & project management: Slavi Slavchev
copywriting: Sonya Slavcheva

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