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If you have plans to conquer the Bulgarian market, we have good news! The only thing you need from a marketing stand point is our contact. You can fully outsource all needs like PR&communications, media planning, event management, on spot activations, production of print and POS materials to us and hire as much as 0 employees to do that job.

We promise that you will like our efficiency and prices and we will put all efforts to EXCEED YOU EXPECTATIONS!

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At WELL DONE, we are aware that we only have a few seconds to grab your attention and motivate you to call us with an idea about refreshing and accelerating your business. So, without wasting time, we want to tell you why we are different and how we hope to gain your trust:

You are an important customer for us, so we will be glad to talk about your specific needs, after which we will strive to EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS!

Our team

You can contact directly the people who manage the key activities of WELL DONE.

Sonya Slavcheva

Sonya Slavcheva

PR & Communications, WELL DONE

More than 13 years of experience in public relations. Maintains personal relationships with key media. She can always offer expert solutions for product placement, creative advertising forms and sponsorship. She has extensive and varied experience in organizing events from A to Z!

Slavi Slavchev

Slavi Slavchev

Marketing & Advertising, WELL DONE

Over 15 years of experience in creating and executing marketing strategies, product development and campaign management. Over 20 years of experience as an IT journalist - author of hundreds of technical articles, reviews and analyzes in various IT media.

Gloria Svircheva

Gloria Svircheva

Marketing & Advertising, WELL DONE

With over 8 years of experience in online marketing and public relations. Responsible for the process of offering and developing various advertising solutions tailored to the client's individual needs. She has a thorough knowledge of the media environment in the country as she has over 6 years of experience as a radio journalist.

Mihaela Petrova

Mihaela Petrova

Art & Design, WELL DONE

Over 15 years of experience in graphic design, visual communication and printing processes. Interests in graphics and conceptual visual art. Completed and quality protected projects under European programs. Every day shows that creativity is not learned and often proves that time is a relative term when it is necessary to work with almost unrealistically short terms.

Ana-Kamelia Desheva

Ana-Kamelia Desheva

Marketing & Communications, WELL DONE

Copywriting and creative in the field of digital marketing and social networks. She has interests and implements in the campaigns all new trends in marketing and communications. Strategic work with influencers. Invaluable ideas for creating brand presentations and concepts for creating great events. Special Talent: Product Photoshoots.